Membership Types

Equity Shareholding

Become an equity shareholder at 13th Beach today. 13th Beach offers two wonderful 18 hole golf courses, a brand new 9 hole Short Course, modern clubhouse and long-term future guaranteed access to reclaimed water.

There are two types of equity shares available for individual investors which are summarised below. As a shareholder you own a pro-rata share of all the assets – that is, the courses, the clubhouse and all the associated land and other assets.

You are eligible to sell your share after three years, should your circumstances change. This is different to the traditional golf club where an entrance fee is non-refundable. The membership season commences on 1 July and concludes on 30 June each year.

A Class Share

An A Class Share gives the holder (or Nominee) the option of a Full Playing Rights subscription (currently $3,165 per annum), ability to Lease your share through the Club or Clubhouse subscription (currently $510 per annum). Clubhouse members are not eligible to hold a handicap. There is also an Overseas/Interstate option available to those residing outside of Victoria/Australia (currently $650 per annum).

Golf Share

A Golf Share requires the holder (or Nominee) to pay a Full Playing Rights subscription (currently $3,165 per annum).

Leased Membership

Limited Leased Memberships are available at 13th Beach Golf Links. A yearly intake will take place on the 1st July each year. This is the ideal way for you to commence play at 13th Beach. You can lease a membership at 13th Beach Golf Links for a period of 1 year. As a result, leasing is a good way to establish if you enjoy the courses and club atmosphere. After this time you will need to become an equity shareholder to continue your membership. 

As a leased member you pay an annual membership subscription which covers full playing rights at a premium to the shareholders. You will have access to all 3 courses 7 days a week, can play in weekly competitions and bring 3 guests with you each time you play (restrictions apply on Wednesday & Saturday competitions). Leased Memberships are subject to availability. Monthly payment instalments are now also available. If you would like to be considered for the next intake, please complete the Leased Membership Application form.

Junior Membership

We have a strong Junior Membership base at 13th Beach. All categories entitle the member to full playing rights 7 days a week on each of the 3 courses. Junior Memberships are available in 4 categories:

Under 15 years
15-17 Years
18-21 years
22-30 years

Monthly payment installments are now also available. Please download the direct debit form for more details.

Enquire Now

Please call our membership team on (03) 5254 2922 or email [email protected] for more information.